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Psychosexual & Relationship

UK trained individual, psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist/counsellor and BACP member

Why therapy?


Sometimes we can't find a safe space to express and make sense of our thoughts and feelings. Therapy can help reduce confusion, and see things more clearly. You have the space to explore them in ways often not possible with close ones. 

As we start to see more clearly, we can unlearn the opinions and standards of other people and society. We learn to access our true feelings and thoughts - those that belong to us, not others. It's not that we 'find' ourselves again, but that we return to ourselves.

I provide a space rooted in empathy, no-judgment, and confidentiality, where you can safely explore what life is presenting for you. I have worked with issues including depression, anxiety, self-esteem, life transitions, stress, loneliness, emotional regulation, sadness, heartbreak, anger management, work stress, culture/identity issues, and relationship issues.

Within every human being sits a strength to cope better with life's challenges, and create change in their life. The first step for any change is to acknowledge and accept what we have experienced and where we are now. Together, we can work to understand what is preventing you from realising that strength. After all, we were never meant to do all of it alone.


Please feel free to contact me for a free, non-committal, initial consultation


You have helped me realise parts of me I never knew. I feel more in control of my life, and have found hope again.



United Kingdom




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