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Loving deeply.

If opening up to love scares you, it means you know how deep your heart can hold someone. So you don't want to let them i, because you don't want to lose them.

Sometimes all we need to do is sit with these types of feelings. Sit with them and accept them. It’s a form of trauma. You’ve experienced in the past that people leave, and you’ve felt how deeply that cuts you. But you didn’t learn how to cope with it. So instead you guarded yourself up. But until when? For how long?⁣ Your life is passing you by.

Lean in on your life. Lean in on your strength. You know that you recovered from it before, and so you know you can recover again. Take the risk. Because magic and miracles happen with risks. You are stronger than you think. ⁣ If not now, then when?

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