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The partner you choose, is the story you choose.

When you choose a partner, you’re choosing a set of philosophies, a personality, preferences, a communication style, habits, a lifestyle - all specific to that person. ⁣

With these attributes, you are then choosing a story. This is because this person will have a way of being, that will unfold and interact with your own attributes. What then happens in this interaction, is that a story begins. The interaction between your habits and theirs, your philosophy of the world and theirs, your lifestyle and theirs, your communication style and theirs. This interaction is what creates a story - one starts to influence the other, and depending on how gracefully that influence is received and perceived, it will be difficult if there is resistance and non-negotiables.⁣

Then, you must imagine the story as having a certain genre. It won’t be at all a light hearted one if there is consistent clash between yourself and them. It’ll be quite a horror story or a sad one. Or a dramatic one. And when I talk about a genre, I’m not saying that it won’t have a mix of positive and negative, but it’ll be dictated mainly by one or the other. ⁣

And whatever that genre becomes to be, it will dictate your quality of life. Because the quality of our relationships dictate the quality of our lives. ⁣

Be intentional and careful when choosing a partner. And pay attention to patterns - are you repeating the same story over and over again? Is there a story from the past you just can’t let go of? Why? Who did that story entail? What were the characters? And what was your role? What was the plot?

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