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The child within.

We have little expectations of children, as we understand their fragility and need for patience and understanding. We are slower to anger with them. ⁣

But it’s not just children who are ‘childlike’. Adults also have their child side to them under all the maturity. We as adults have the ability to be playful, silly, fragile, vulnerable scared, pitiful and in deep need for recognition and comfort. ⁣

However, we lose quite quickly this awareness of the child within us and others. The amount of patience and forgiveness we can grant a child, we must also grant ourselves and others. ⁣

It is easy and tempting to think an adult can never make mistakes, should be self-sufficient and in no need of love, comfort and affection. This is completely wrong. We will forever continue to carry those child parts of us within us.⁣

If you want to get awareness to that child inside you, start with PLAY. Have some fun. Do silly stuff. Get access to that part of you that longs for some fun activities. You’ll realise just how much of your childlike part is still there.

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